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Start App Splash Ad (start.io) on Android

Start App Splash Ad (start.io) on Android

Splash Ads are full-screen ads that are shown when we open our app. Start App Splash ads are enabled by default, you have to disable it if you don't want to show these ads.

Start App Splash Ad on Android
Start App Splash Ad on Android

You can customize your splash screen with Start App Splash Ad and earn revenue from it.

Just load the Splash ads in your first starting java activity.

Java activity
 public class StartAppSplash extends AppCompatActivity {  
   protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {  
     StartAppSDK.init(this,"Your App Id",false);  
     /** StartAppAd.disableSplash(); // to diable splash ads   **/  
     StartAppAd.showSplash(this, savedInstanceState,  
         new SplashConfig()  
             .setAppName("My Android App")  
             .setLogo(R.drawable.check_box_tick_20)  // recommended 360*360 logo  
     StartAppAd startAppAd = new StartAppAd(this);  

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