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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why my campaign is stuck in some views?
Answer. Due to the increase of users, there's a huge list of campaigns now.
Because of database charges, we cannot process the whole list at a single time, so we process the small list in a sequential manner.
 When you add a new campaign, it will add in a processing list, but when new campaigns are added then your campaign pushed and stuck, but after some time or 1 or 2 days process, it will again in a processing list and working until completion of the campaign.
So, please understand the issue of database charges and why we are not processing the whole list at a single time.
Tip: Add a campaign with small views and with a time difference, so that you have space for adding a campaign all time.
For eg. Add your 3 campaigns at a time difference, so, when your 1st campaign completed 2 and 3 workings, add a new one and 2 completed... Hope it helps.

2. Why my views are less on youtube as compared to the campaign view?
Answer: Youtube added view count in its own algorithm. Sometimes views and watch time are counted properly but sometimes not.
You can follow this link.
Blog in this link not created by us or we do not promote that blog, but it's understandable how youtube counts views.

3. Videos not loading in View Activity or some error is shown
Answer: You can try these troubleshooting steps before contacting us:
1. Restart your phone.
2. Clear cache of the app.
3. Check the update of the app on the google play store or in the about section.

4. Why we seeing the message on some videos shown Error: Unknown or Error: Not_Played
Answer: It's only an information to tell you that one or some videos in your list is not playable and if auto play is on then it loads next video automatically.
If you seeing this type of error, Don't worry about that, it happens in a scenario,
For eg. Someone uploads a video, but for some reason he removed his video, but not deleted from our app, then if that video not playable then youtube player throws an error, Toast message only tells you that why it takes time to load new video. Error are of any type or for any reason,
But one error you worry about is "Error: Network_Error", It happens when your phone is not connected to internet. So, if you see this error then connect your phone to internet connection. 

5. Why can't i use 15sec, 30sec or 45sec watch time to my videos?
Ans. 15sec watchtime is only for short videos,
Youtube only count view if viewtime is minimum of 30 sec, so that, if you add a video to 15 sec it will not count view, but video length is maximum of 30 sec then it count view. So, if you want to add a watchtime of 45 sec or minimum then add a short video of video length less than 50 sec otherwise it not count views for that video.

If this not helps, feel free to contact us:

You can anytime contact us on, or you can contact us on Instagram, link below, or in-app about section.

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