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Privacy Policy Generator Android App

In Android Development.

If you are a Android Developer then you have to know about generate a privacy policy for an app.

We create a privacy policy for our app to tell users about how their data is safe to use in our app or how our app is safe to install in their device.

To tell users about how we use their data(if we) and what type of services or any third party services we use in our app.

So, there are so many developers who still don't know about creating a privacy policy because there is no need of it until you upload your app on Google Play Store.

  If you are in one of them so let's see on how to generate and placing Privacy Policy on a hostable url.

1. Download our app from play store.
2. Fill all your app details on the first screen.

<---------- App First Screen without Details

   Filled Details about app --------------->

3. Then tick a checkbox which service you have used in your app.
4. Click on Go button you have successfully generated your Privacy Policy.

5. Review it and either copy that policy with copy button or save that policy with save button on top right corner respectively. Then transfer your text file in your pc.

6. After generating and saving, work is not done here. Now you have place your privacy policy on a hostable url.

<-------------  Folder


Either you buy a domain for that or host it on a blogger site.

7. On Blogger, login and create a new blog post and paste the text from text file which you have previously transferred from your mobile device in your blog content.

8. After that, in your privacy policy the checkbox of services, it's a text and then in bracket there's a link.

9. Select that text and click on link button present on the toolbar of blogger. And paste that link which is in bracket of that text.

10. Then publish your blog.

And during publishing your app, place your url in privacy policy column there.
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